Sacramento Business Litigation Attorney

Few things matter more to business owners — especially in a challenging economic climate — than predictability and the ability to plan for future circumstances. When a legal dispute threatens to undermine the success of an enterprise, owners deserve straightforward, results-focused legal help to bring disagreements to a positive outcome.

The Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark is a business law firm with offices in Sacramento, representing business clients throughout Northern California. Attorney Joshua B. Clark has more than a decade of combined experience devising strategies to successfully resolve legal disputes both within and between businesses. We recognize that no amount of preparation or diligence can prevent all disagreements. When a business must go to court to vindicate its rights, our firm is ready to help it succeed.

Legal Solutions For Conflicts Within A Business

Some of the most potentially devastating legal disputes come from within an organization. A dispute or alleged violations of a shareholder agreement can threaten the success of any enterprise.

Attorney Joshua B. Clark diligently represents the interests of our clients, whether they are corporate officers, shareholders, or others within a company who suspect violations of law or company policy.

Representing Clients In Business-To-Business Conflicts

Running a successful business requires the coordination of many contracts, and disagreement over just one can put significant strain on business operations.

Our firm represents business owners involved in:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business torts (fraud, interference, unfair competition)
  • Employment disputes
  • Disagreements over the terms of sales contracts

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