Crucial Legal Guidance For Landlords

With an extensive landlord-tenant law practice, and as the principal of Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark I have counseled landlords with a wide range of questions, concerns and needs. I am here to put our experience and results-oriented legal representation to use for you.

How Can I Minimize The Risk Of Landlord-Tenant Disputes In The First Place?

When the parties to a lease disagree over its terms, or you find yourself in the position of needing to evict a tenant, one question frequently arises: How could I have prevented this?

Lease Review And Analysis Is A Critical Part Of The Work I Do For Landlords In Northern California

Lease disputes can often be prevented by ensuring that a lease is as comprehensive as possible and minimizes ambiguity. I regularly review leases and address issues related to security deposits, assignments, rent control laws and other aspects of rental agreements. After years of focused California eviction services, I am able to offer candid and accurate advice for landlords.

I can assist in the negotiation and execution of both residential and commercial leases. Call 916-229-8356 to speak with me today.

If I Want To Evict A Tenant, What Can I Do?

In some ways, it's just as helpful to think of this in terms of what you can't do. Even if you feel certain that you can successfully evict a tenant for violating a lease — whether for failing to pay rent or engaging in criminal activity on the property — you cannot do things like change the locks, remove a tenant's belongings or shut off utilities.

Landlords who lock tenants out, remove belongings or shut off utilities can face legal liability and financial penalties. This will cost you more in the end.

I encourage you to speak with me immediately if you wish to begin eviction (unlawful detainer) proceedings against a tenant. I will assess your situation and begin the process as quickly as possible.

How Long Will The Eviction Process Take?

I will do everything possible to expedite your unlawful detainer lawsuit. Once I file your lawsuit in superior court, we will typically know within 30 days if you can have your tenant evicted. Our goal will be to help you obtain a writ of possession. With a writ of possession, you can have the sheriff remove a tenant after five days if he or she does not vacate voluntarily.

What If I Have Other Questions?

I, landlord rights attorney Joshua B. Clark, am ready to answer your specific questions and begin preparing a strategy to help you assert your legal rights. Contact me now: Send an email or call my Sacramento office at 916-229-8356.