5 Reasons To Hire Joshua B. Clark For Your Eviction Needs

1. Experience Matters.

Landlord-tenant issues are among the most complex in the law. Few attorneys fully understand all the requirements and technicalities of this practice area, and many of the nuances can’t be learned except from daily practice. I am attorney Joshua B. Clark, and I am not just familiar with the law; I am immersed in it. To ensure the success of your case, it is critical to have an experienced attorney to guide you through the eviction process. Often, landlords do not realize that errors in this process can result in double the expense and double the losses of rental income. Over a decade of experience as a Sacramento eviction attorney makes a difference.

2. Efficient Eviction Services.

I follow a set of specific processes and procedures I have developed through the years to ensure consistent and timely results. In situations that can cause unnecessary delays, I assess all possible solutions to ensure that your case expeditiously moves forward. I embrace technology and its benefits, including the use of case management software (CMS), which organizes and stores your information, documents, email correspondence, court dates and important deadlines. This software also tracks the status and location of eviction documents and makes a written record of conversations with court clerks and tenants and even between lawyer and client. My use of CMS increases productivity, promotes organization and efficiency, and eliminates mistakes and oversights.

3. Results-Driven.

Unlawful detainer actions or evictions are riddled with technical procedural requirements that landlords must strictly follow to avoid case dismissal. Regardless, it is the common practice of eviction mills to simply file a client’s case without the attorney first reviewing the file and advising the client of obvious and fatal errors or mistakes. I will personally review your file and make recommendations, if necessary, and notify you so that you can make an informed decision whether to proceed with the filing. Your case will receive the personal attention it deserves.

4. Superior Customer Service.

I understand that in the legal services industry, personal and attentive customer service plays a large role in client satisfaction and retention. In addition to over a decade of successful legal services, I provide superior customer service. Whether assisting a “mom and pop” investor or a large commercial property management firm, I am committed to working with you to address your specific needs. I am accessible and readily available to you to answer your questions, provide guidance and advice, and, if necessary, research specific issues to ensure that you are informed and satisfied. My assistant, Stephanie, is also here to keep you updated on the status of your eviction case.

5. Cost-Sensitive.

It is important to minimize costs associated with an eviction. The loss of rental income coupled with the additional expense of eviction is an extraordinary burden on landlords. While some costs are unavoidable, others can be minimized. I offer flat-fee rates for many services, including attorney consultations, notice preparation, and contested and uncontested evictions. A flat-fee rate allows you to plan and budget for your case and offer experienced advice. I offer additional guidance for landlords on this site.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with me, attorney Joshua B. Clark. You can also email my firm or call me at 916-229-8356. I serve clients in Sacramento and throughout the surrounding communities.