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Business Formation And Transactions

You wouldn’t start a farm without first learning about the soil, climate and topography, knowing what to plant and, just as importantly, when and how to harvest your crops.

Similarly, starting and nurturing a business of any size requires understanding the legal and regulatory landscape, business climate, as well as having a clear idea of your long-term business goals.

I Help Set Businesses Up For Success. Then, I Help You Maintain It.

Even sophisticated entrepreneurs and business owners can benefit from the guidance of an experienced lawyer when establishing a new enterprise or planning for the next stage of growth of a current business venture. I am attorney Joshua Clark, and as the principal of the Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark I handle a wide range of transactions and litigation-related matters in my business law practice.

For over a decade I have helped Northern California business owners find the best path. I appreciate the many responsibilities that come with owning a business in this state. By handling the legal matters associated with business ownership, I allow you to focus on other priorities.

Specifically, I assist business owners with the full range of legal matters that arise during the life cycle of any enterprise, such as:

  • Entity formation for corporations, limited liability companies, s corps (articles, bylaws, minutes, shares, operating agreements)
  • Entity amendment, merger, dissolution and windup
  • Formalities (meeting and reporting)
  • Purchase, sale and leasing of commercial real estate
  • Business contracts and negotiation
  • Sales and service agreements
  • Employment-related transactions

I stand ready to help you with whatever legal needs might arise in the course of business. When you need trusted, experienced general counsel for your small and medium-sized businesses in the Sacramento area and elsewhere in Northern California call me.

See some of the many clients who have benefited from our practical, results-driven approach to resolving and preventing legal issues.

Arrange A Consultation To Discuss Your Business’s Needs

If you have questions about business transactions or other legal matters, call and speak with me, Sacramento attorney Joshua B. Clark, today. Send an email or call 916-229-8356.