Guiding The Future With Estate Planning Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark, I recognize that the ability to proactively identify and avoid legal issues is as important as the ability to confront disputes head-on in litigation.

A Forward Thinking Approach

Nowhere is this forward-thinking approach more essential than in the area of estate planning and probate. While an estate plan is at its core a set of legal documents, it in fact becomes much more than that. It is a direct reflection of the success that an individual has achieved during his or her lifetime, and how his or her loved ones and charitable causes will be provided for after death. We are mindful of the trust placed in our firm whenever someone seeks our assistance with his or her estate plan, and strive to deliver the most professional and knowledgeable counsel possible.

It’s More Than An Estate Plan. It’s Your Estate Plan.

At my firm you will not be handed off to a first year attorney, but will work one-on-one with me, principal Joshua B. Clark. I charge a flat fee for estate planning services to ensure that your needs are met. At our meeting we will sit down together and go over your assets, future financial needs and your goals. We will then craft a unique estate plan that may include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advance health care directives
  • Powers of attorney

As an attorney with a substantial business law practice, I also assist business owners in Sacramento and throughout Northern California with business succession planning.

Understand The Probate Process

Although the probate process is designed to facilitate the settling of a deceased person’s estate, it often turns into a drawn-out, expensive ordeal for families struggling to make sense of a loved one’s physical possessions, other financial assets and debts. I represent estate administrators and provide general counsel to families to make this time of transition more streamlined for all parties involved. I can help you understand the process and ensure you stay on track.

Speak With Me Today

Speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer in a private consultation. Email me or call me at my Sacramento office at 916-229-8356. The best time to plan is now.