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Aggressive Landlord Rights Representation

Attorney Joshua B. Clark Represents Landlords

Landlord-Tenant issues require an understanding of multiple legal disciplines and are governed by a variety of local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Few attorneys understand all the technical requirements necessary to successfully navigate this complicated practice area of law. To ensure the success of your case, whether it is a simple security deposit dispute or complex commercial eviction, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced landlord-tenant attorney to protect your legal interests.

Why choose the Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark? I won’t assign your case to a paralegal or administrative assistant. Instead, you will work with me, an experienced attorney, at every stage of your case, from start to finish. Call 916-229-8356 now to arrange a meeting.

Legal Services Just For Landlords

For over a decade, I, landlord rights attorney Joshua B. Clark, have assisted landlords (property owners, investors, management firms, etc.) with a number of issues that meet your diverse legal needs. With over a decade of focused practical experience, I have a results-driven approach to addressing Landlord-Tenant issues, and I consistently produce swift, cost-effective resolutions, while maintaining your goals.

Know When To Settle

As an attorney who has successfully resolved hundreds of cases I recognize that settlement can be an effective remedy in eviction proceedings. Settlement may be in your best interest and can in some instances save you both time and money. There are instances when an acceptable settlement cannot be reached and in these situations I am prepared to litigate toward a positive outcome.

A Proven History Of Success

I successfully litigated over 5,000 eviction cases. I am an aggressive advocate of Landlord rights in both the community and with the courts.

Outside of the courtroom, I offer a variety of specialized legal services for property owners, investors, and managers. In addition to consultations, I offer:

  1. Seminars on various topics of landlord-tenant law
  2. Lease or rental agreement review, drafting and amendment
  3. Representation in litigation, administrative hearings, and mediations
  4. Negotiation of lease termination and drafting of surrender or cash for keys agreements
  5. Drafting and filing of bankruptcy motions referred to as “relief from stay” motions in the event the tenant files bankruptcy during the course of the eviction.

Valuable Forms For Landlords

I offer a library of rental forms during my consultations or seminars, I also make these available for clients. My goal is to empower property owners, investors, and managers through education and instruction on best property ownership and management practices. Skilled and informed management ultimately reduces and/or eliminates lawsuits filed by tenants.

Based in Sacramento, my office California provides representation and eviction services to property owners, investors, and managers in all of the surrounding counties. I can assist with:

If you would like to schedule a consultation or start an eviction in the Sacramento area, you can contact my office by phone at 916-229-8356. I, or my assistant Stephanie will be happy to assist you.