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Advice And Training For Landlords, Owners And Property Managers

Crucial Legal Guidance For Landlords

The process of eviction is a series of steps that must be strictly followed by a landlord to recover possession of a rental property. Essential to this process is the landlord’s actions before the filing of the eviction which should be well planned and measured. If you are a landlord and are not familiar with the eviction process or possibly you have encountered a complex situation, our office recommends that you schedule a consultation with the attorney prior to taking any action that could later compromise your case.

With an extensive landlord-tenant law practice, and as the principal of Law Offices of Joshua B. Clark I have counseled landlords with a wide range of questions, concerns and needs. I am here to put our experience and results-oriented legal representation to use for you.

Common consultation topics include:

Creating the Tenancy:

  • Application Process and Tenant Screening
  • Rental Agreements and Disclosures
  • Late Fees
  • Discrimination in Renting
  • Rent Amounts and Payment
  • Security Deposits

Warranty of Habitability:

  • Scope of the Warranty
  • Landlord Breach of the Warranty of Habitability
  • Code Violations and Enforcement Actions
  • Tenant Remedies and Withholding Rent
  • Constructive Evictions

Landlord Rights and Obligations:

  • Right of Entry and Inspections
  • Changing Rental Terms:
  • Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment
  • Use of the Premises
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Assignment and Subletting

Landlord-Tenant Premises Liability:

  • Landlord Liability for Defective Conditions
  • Landlord Liability from Acts of Others
  • Landlord Immunity from Liability

Terminating the Tenancy and Related Remedies;

  • No Self Help
  • Forcible Entry and Forcible Detainer
  • Basis for Eviction
    • Non-Payment of Rent
    • Breach of Non-Monetary Obligations
    • Illegal or Unauthorized Use of the Premises
    • Criminal Activity at the Premises
    • Nuisance
    • Damage and Destruction of the Premises
    • Unauthorized Subletting or Assignment

What If I Have Other Questions?

I, landlord rights attorney Joshua B. Clark, am ready to answer your specific questions and begin preparing a strategy to help you assert your legal rights. Contact me now: Send an email or call my Sacramento office at 916-229-8356.